RTZ - Compatible with Chevrolet GMC Silverado Sierra 1500 Pickup Lowering Kit 2" Front Lowering Drop Coil Springs + 3" Rear Hanger & Shackle Kit + RTZ Primo NIitrogen Gas Charged Shocks 2WD V8 Motor

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Product Overview

RTZ lowering coil springs are engineered to lower your pickup 2" while maintaining the Handling & Ride quality of sport suspension. These coils are heat set to prevent spring fatigue, load tested for proper load specification & sport spring rate, and are made of High Tensile Alloy Steel. All these stages of refinement are implemented at our facility in the USA. Lower the rear of your pickup the right way with our adjustable 3-4" rear hanger and shackle lowering kit. Fine tune your Stance! To compliment the Ride, we will include a set of RTZ Primo Nitrogen Gas Charged Shocks. Drop them in and Drive!! NOTE:PLEASE INSPECT PARTS BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION. WE SUGGEST A PROFESSIONAL INSTALLER WITH PROPER EQUIPMENT TO HANDLE EXTREME LOADS AND THAT HAS TRAINING IN SUSPENSION SAFETY.

  • Limited Life-Time Warranty
  • Heat Set & Shot Peened to Prevent Spring Fatigue
  • Load Tested for Proper "Sport" Spring Rate which is 15% higher than OEM
  • Powder-coated to Prevent Corrosion
  • Compatible with 1988-1998 Chevrolet GMC Silverado Sierra C1500 Pickup 2wd V8(Note:will fit all-cabs). Includes: Pair of 2" lowering sport coils, Rear Hangers and Shackles to drop and adjustable 3-4" with Hardware included, and a set of RTZ Primo Nitrogen Gas Charged Shocks. (Check our other auctions for V6 models) Decal included as shown


(No reviews yet) Write a Review